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2021 Series 07
TRHL Owners,

Series 06 has been completed.

I'll be away next Sunday/Monday so either Pat or Bill will be file
droning. Since I shouldn't give out Vinay's login and password,
Pat/Bill will only be able to e-mail out the league file and post it
on my message board.

Also, no free agent signings permitted this week.
1st half results not submitted:
Wind @ Rattlers (**,*)
Outlaws @ Clowns (**,*)
Wagstaffs @ Stogies (**)

2nd half results not submitted:
Anunnaki @ Isotopes
Stogies @ Wagstaffs

(*) - Backup results submitted
(**) - Notified in advance

Automatic farmings due to overuse:
1. Chinook - A.J. Puk

Any promotions by the file drone can be changed prior to the playing of the current series' games, and the re-farming does not acount toward the three farm limit. File drone promotes to players to ensure active roster is at mandatory minimum 25 (maximum 26) players.

1. Outlaws sign Orlando Arcia, $10, release Jordan Sheffield.
2. Chinook sign Andres Munoz, Hoby Milner, and Mauricio Dubon, release Riley Adams, Luke Maile, and Jason Foley.
3. McCallions sign Austin Wynns, release A.J. Alexy.
4. BDM sign Ryan Feltner and Aaron Hicks, release Matt Thaiss and Cody Stashak.

Injuries (> 3 days):
5/5 BFT Boyd  41
5/5 NOR Castellanos,N 23
5/6 BFT Valdez,F  21
5/6 SIS Pollock 28
5/6 HFX Maldonado  6
5/8 NOR Bubic  6
5/10 ALS Benintendi  7

MP Issues:

MPs ready for Series 07:

Series 07 league file is attached and has been posted and the League File link on the website has been updated. Here's the link:

Games Dates: May 11th-17th. Rogers and Whitecaps are home first half.

First half deadline is Thursday, June 23rd, 10 PM EDT. Second half results are due Sunday, June 26th, 10 PM EDT.

BDM MP is good to go.
Struggling Halifax takes two and then drops the third. Depressing start to the season for a team I thought was stacked.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 20.88 KB / Downloads: 1)
Attached.  Starters should be Plesac, Dunning, and Gutierrez.  Lineups should be Vs. RHP (McM RHP) against Webb, Garcia, and Maeda, with Adrianaza subbed in for Castro at 3B for all three games.
.zip (Size: 1.03 KB / Downloads: 1)
Game 1 - UCity hits 4 solo homers, including a Correa walk-off shot, to take the opener 4-3.  Game 2 - Riley hits a first-inning 3 run jack and Velazquez and company snuff out a couple of rallys as the Mutts cruise to a 8-3 victory.  Game 3 - The Anunnaki sock 7 doubles in the first 4 innings against Eflin and Lauer holds the fort as UCity takes the rubbber match 6-1.  No injuries.

Attached Files
.zip   french terriers anunnaki first 3 (Size: 19.49 KB / Downloads: 2)
Wind take 2 of 3.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 20.39 KB / Downloads: 2)
UCITY salvages final game. Split of 6 game series. Walsh on injured list.
MP ready for Halifax

Attached Files
.zip   Brockton (Size: 37.79 KB / Downloads: 5)
Outlaws MP.

.zip (Size: 1.14 KB / Downloads: 1)
Hens take 2 of 3 from Canons (in first 3).

Attached Files
.zip   07 - Canons and Hens (first 3).zip (Size: 19.89 KB / Downloads: 1)
Zac Gallen pitched a nice game in G1.  Yaztrzemski and Taylor star in G2/G3.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 19.97 KB / Downloads: 2)
(06-23-2022, 07:55 PM)ARITZ Wrote: Wind take four of six total (all six games in this file)

Attached Files
.zip   PIRATES WIND ALL SIX (Size: 37.11 KB / Downloads: 1)
NRIs take five out of six.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 40.93 KB / Downloads: 1)

.zip   Maine-BDM ALL (Size: 37.72 KB / Downloads: 1)   BDM and Pale Hose split 6
McCallions take 4 of 6.
.zip (Size: 37.02 KB / Downloads: 1)
Finally back from Alaska.  Siskiyou takes the first one in Havana, Stogies take the last two.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 20.47 KB / Downloads: 1)
Results for Siskiyou vs Havana. We split it on the week, the traditional way, both going 2-1 at home. 

MP ready for Clowns. I forget how this works, and if you're supposed to remove guys who reach their limit immediately or if I do that when my side comes up, but Luplow has 16 PA remaining vRHP and could plausibly use them up.

Attached Files
.zip   TRH 2022 Siskiyou v Havana Results & MP (Size: 38.16 KB / Downloads: 1)

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